David Feldman


Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Jul 27, 2017

An aspect of workplace productivity that’s often given the short end of the stick is, ironically enough, the workplace itself.


There are many factors that make up any workspace environment. Desk. Chair. Computer. Filing cabinet. And a variety of other things, from pens and paper to coffee mugs.


Creating a productive workplace environment is vital to your overall focus and work efficiency. Let’s take a look at five ways you can optimize your workspace for productivity:


1. Rearrange your office to help you sit more ergonomically. Isn’t it great that science can tell us the optimal positions for our desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to be in to help us sit up straight? I found this chart from LifeHacker.com to be very helpful.


2. Organize your desk for optimal efficiency. It may be geeky, but I think it’s really nice to organize your desktop and desk drawers in a way that’s easy and efficient to use. You’ll save time if you put the things you know you’ll need to use for work within easy reach. And recent research shows that organized desks may help you to be more persistent and productive at work!


3. Get rid of clutter! A Princeton University study shows that clutter negatively impacts your productivity because it literally takes up space in your mind, decreasing your ability to focus your attention on work.


4. Build the right atmosphere. According to recent research, a little bit of distraction, in the form of background sounds and distant conversation, like the ambient noise you can find in a coffee shop, can actually improve your focus on work! Even if you can’t bring your work to a coffee shop, you can bring the sound of the coffee shop to your work with websites like Coffitivity.


5. Add some plants to your office. You may think I’m crazy, but you can trust me! Science backs up my claim. Having a potted plant in your office can increase your productivity! Just looking at a plant could help you de-stress and refocus your attention.