The Importance of Self-Care

Blog Post created by lisa.crilley Advocate on Jul 28, 2017

Taking enough time to recharge your batteries is important – and though I’ve written on the subject before I think it’s important to revisit often. (I’m guilty of letting my self care activities slide a bit when things get “busy”.)

I reached out to some Cleveland business owners to see what they do to stay healthy, and here is what they said. Feel free to take inspiration from their stories!


Kelly Franko, Gossamer & Grace Bras: "I have fallen in love with my essential oils. They are easy to keep with me and apply whenever I need them, and there seems to be an oil for anything I need!"

Marguerite Harness, CPA: "I participated in a Summer Solstice Attunement last evening – very relaxing and energizing at the same time."

Amanda Liptak, Rdn, Ldn, Nutrition Counselor: "When I feel overwhelmed I practice mindfulness, and a couple of ways I like to do that are…

  • Find 10 minutes in my day to be by myself, breathe, stretch, use aromatherapy or practice the positive laws of attraction.
  • Shut down from social media. This can be tough, especially when business depends on interaction. The good news is that no one will go crazy if you don’t engage on social media for 12 hours – set limitations so you give your brain time to shut down.
  • Make appropriate nutrition choices! I like to choose foods to feed my mood and boost energy like healthy fats, blueberries and turmeric tea."

Nicole Domanski, Evanlo, Inc.: "I consider my calendar a to-do list. I schedule time for workouts and any classes I may be taking to de-stress. Lately I have been taking walks in the evening without my phone, since the weather is so nice. I also find peer pressure is a good motivator. What I mean by that is I try to schedule dinners/drinks with friends on specific dates and times as well as outdoor activities or group events like yoga classes, races or backpacking trips, so that other people keep me accountable. If they clear their schedules to do things with me, I am less likely to cancel to avoid disappointing them."

Ellen Sam Scheer, Independent Insurance Agent: "Taking care of me has come to the front and center this year. My workouts are on my calendar and nothing takes their place. I am also in bed by 10:00PM, even if I am there only to read. Getting 8 hours of sleep is important. Making good choices every day for food is just as important. If we don’t take care of us, who does?"

Elizabeth Radivoyevitch, Rad Graphics: "I really cut down on my daily coffee intake recently because I started to feel it was taking a toll on me in many ways. My sleep is much more sound now and I’ve been waking up naturally before the alarm goes off. Energy throughout the day is more even too."

No matter what you do to take care of yourself and recharge, make sure you DO IT! Schedule it in your calendar, mark it on your to-do list, and make that time mandatory.

Share! What are your favorite self-care activities?