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Open the Door to New Opportunities Through Your Dress

Blog Post created by Marilynn Barber on Aug 10, 2017

I’m honored.  The Houston Business Journal has featured me in their Career and Workplace section today! The article is titled “Houston Style Guru Writes the Book on Helping Businesswomen Dress for Success”.  I believe my book “Dress Like You Mean Business” was a perfect fit for their reader in today’s challenging business market.  Let me explain.


You know, we often hear “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.  But how ELSE would you judge it?  Publishers know this and spend lots of time and money making sure that the cover is interesting enough to draw you in for the purchase.   What you WEAR is the cover to YOUR book – what are your clothes telling them about you?


As a business professional, we need to dress to express our expertise, experience, and value.  We can’t waste time hoping they’ll get to know us and appreciate us.  We don’t have a man-uniform, never will.  So we need to choose clothes that both complement our bodies (you DO have to be able to function, after all) AND illustrate why we’re there and how we expect to be valued.  You must look relevant.  A pull-together, coordinated look speaks your intention faster than any business card ever will. 


Can this be done?  Yes.  And there are lots of options available you may not know about if you only go to your local mall.  Most of these clothing options are available on the web and are created specifically for working career women or for specialty sizing or for women seeking out uniqueness not offered in mass retailing.  Some are pricier than others.  However, I find that price-points in this genre are most likely to reflect quality.  A little-known tidbit is that about 40-45% of the cost of a garment is in the fabric cost.  And if it’s made in the USA it will cost more – we pay living wages here.  But, a better quality fabric, especially if it’s stretchy, will last much longer so the investment really pays off.  Yes, it's OK to talk about 'investment pieces'!  If I'm paying more than fast-fashion prices, I want to be able to wear a garment for several years.  That's why we look for classic shapes, so they don't date themselves and we can continue wearing.


In future posts, I will continue to give you more information to help you on your career path.  I can help you define your personal brand for business success as well as make your life easier by getting your wardrobe in order.  Wouldn’t you love to walk into your closet every morning and easily pull out a complete outfit that is perfectly coordinated?  If I can help you, please feel free to call me for one-on-one consulting or speaking to your group. 832.707.9339###

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