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Blog Post created by Marilynn Barber on Dec 13, 2017

At the recent PinkPetro celebration I spoke about creating an image, a presence that instantly communicates your education, your authority, your credibility.  The best comment I got from the Facebook Livestream was from a geoscientist who stated: "you really opened my eyes", and I can't tell you how happy that made me.  Because of THIS year's cultural upheaval, NEXT year can become a  remarkable year for ALL women to take the lead and open new doors, new opportunities for ALL of us.  So let's talk about how you dress. 


Does it matter?  We'd like to think, 'no', but humans ARE visual, it's how we survived as a species. So what we wear is STILL the best predictor of our behavior to set up a trust factor.  Even if no one believes it - it matters - ask any social scientist.  Do you need to be a fashion trend-setter?  No.  But what will best serve your career is to be a clear communicator of YOUR expertise and value through your image.  If, when you walk into a conference room and your image doesn't relay your expertise, your intention, and how you expect to be appreciated, YOU have created a barrier to connection with the group.  You have the power to communicate subliminally and if you choose to ignore it you miss opportunities.  We can't AFFORD to miss opportunities.  So let's dress for the job we have, the job we want, and, most importantly, the RESPECT we expect and we've worked for.  Even if you work with cultural neanderthals, you need to step up your presence, so they CAN'T ignore you and they dare not dismiss you.  


Is this complicated?  No, the fashion 'machine' has confused you.  It's not complicated and the clothes DO exist.  Will I help you?  YES, YES, YES.  I'm scheduled to teach a class through PinkPetro called The Art of Presence at lunch on February 7 and 22 here in Houston.  Can't be here?  Let me know and I can do a Zoom meeting, or a one-on-one, or a group workshop.  Where you work and the culture drives what you wear, but you MUST communicate your authority.  We can even talk and I'll recommend where you can shop online because THAT's where the designers are that specialize in our unique body shapes, like petites, and big busts, and generous sizing or even clothes for working out in the field.  They really DO exist because THEY care about the women who can't find the right thing to wear to work.  


Tell me how I can help you and I will.


So don't give up.  Sign up and get ready for a powerful and growth-filled new year! 

PinkPetro - The Art of Presence, February 7 & 22, 11:30 - 1:00 at PinkPetro headquarters

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