Marilynn Barber

It's YOUR time to grow and evolve!

Blog Post created by Marilynn Barber on Jan 12, 2018

It’s a new year in more ways than one and more opportunities are opening up.  It really feels like a turning point for professional women.  Do you feel it?  We’re finally talking about issues that affect us in a more meaningful way.  We’re actually talking about pay parity in a constructive manner.  So I ask you, is this YOUR year to take those steps for more career advancement – for leadership positions?

Of course, you’re ready.  You have the credentials and the experience.  What could be the missing piece?  Are you being recognized as the expert in your field?  Do you stand out as exceptional? Are you being valued in your group?  Do they know, like, and trust you?  Are you ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way?  And most importantly, do you feel self-confident enough to do it?

The missing link may simply be the confidence that comes from executive presence – that intangible quality that leads others to believe you’re a capable leader.  Executive presence is a perception of you that appears composed, confident, and credible – that image telling us you’re completely capable of whatever we ask of you – you will lead us through.  And you can influence others.  Some people have it naturally -- the rest of us CAN learn it.  It’s a soft skill that’s simply not taught in regular curriculums.

This perception is created through the communication of body language, composure, and wardrobe.  We communicate as much as 55% with non-verbal communication.  We use our little reptilian brains to make snap judgements daily using the visuals we see.  Simple little cues that give vital information about us.  Your work may not speak for itself, but your IMAGE can.  Executive presence helps develop these minute, but critical signals that tell others we clearly understand our role in our culture and are completely in control of our position.  We are ready to lead.

If you’d like to know how to amp up YOUR executive presence, sign up for one of my two lunchtime workshops in February at PinkPetro headquarters called “The Art of Presence” on February 7 or February 22 from 11:30 – 1:00PM.  Lunch included.  Get ready to learn the tips, tricks and inside information to rev up YOUR career!  Better yet, bring a friend so you can share info!  See you there!