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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: 25 Ways To Show It

Blog Post created by David Feldman Champion on Feb 16, 2018

Everyone wants to be treated with respect, but respect means different things to different people. It also means different things in different cultures, so treating others with respect often becomes a serious problem. If you want to avoid offending someone by being disrespectful, you must think about both what they need and how you act.  Here are 25 ways to show respect in all your actions.  Some are opposite… because it all depends on the situation and the culture… what lessons about respect have you learned on personal and business trips across the world?  What lessons have you learned about respect in the workplace?  What lessons have you learned about respect in your home?


  1. Look at me and make eye contact.
  2. Don’t look at me.
  3. Listen attentively when I speak.
  4. Respond to what I mean instead of to what I say.
  5. Ignore my emotions when I am supposed to appear strong.
  6. Keep the agreements you make with me.
  7. Keep time agreements with me. Don’t keep me waiting.
  8. Notice what seems to be important to me and comment on it.
  9. Remember what I like and dislike.
  10. Don’t force me to encounter things I hate.
  11. Allow me my privacy.
  12. Don’t ignore me.
  13. Acknowledge everything I do well.
  14. Don’t demean me by commenting on my expected work.
  15. Offer to shake hands.
  16. Never disagree with me.
  17. Challenge my thinking.
  18. Don’t interrupt me.
  19. Interrupt me, it means you are listening and you care.
  20. Protect me.
  21. Challenge me ¬ give me tough things to do.
  22. Always speak in a calm way.
  23. Match the energy of my excitement.
  24. Always use my title.
  25. Use my first name.


Yes, it is contradictory! How can you sort it out?   First and foremost, recognize that people are different from you and from each other.  A lot of people follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


But maybe it’s more important to follow the Platinum Rule, “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.”


Pay attention to how others respond to you and, when possible, when you can do so without violating your own principles, treat them as they expect and wish to be treated.


Let’s hear your thoughts on the topic!