Marilynn Barber

Are you ready for HERWorld?  It’s next WEEK! 

Blog Post created by Marilynn Barber on Feb 28, 2018

If you haven’t had the chance to read one of my blogposts here's a quick rehash.  HERWorld is THE day to network with an amazing slate of energy professionals.  Women you might not be able to access otherwise.  This is an remarkable opportunity to make connections and expand your network of women who will support you.  And you will be making that critical first impression ALL DAY LONG.  So dress like you mean business!


Here’s your checklist:


Most critical:  Do you need a haircut, color, highlights, whatever else?  Book it NOW!  Get it done this weekend – beg your hairstylist if necessary. Don’t let a tired haircut or style, or faded color drag down your professional look.  Will your hair stay in place all day?  If not, bring what you need to control it.


What are you wearing to look your most professional?  Does your outfit proclaim who you are?  Photos that will end up on the internet will be taken all day long.  Does the garment fit well, is the garment clean, is the hem OK?  Does it need pressing? Here’s my hint, if you want to be seen in the photo, wear a COLOR. So many women wear black and taupe, it’s pretty easy to stand out and be seen and help people remember you.  (I have actually been asked by a photographer to stand in a photo so I could BE the color)  And don’t forget, blue is the color of trust.  So if you’re going to buy something new, look for cobalt blue!


What shoes are you wearing?  Not boots, professional shoes you could walk into a boardroom in.  Can you stand in them all day?  Are the HEELS in good condition?  Do you need to get a new pair you can wear all day?  Remember, shoes ARE in photos, so don’t embarrass yourself.


What bag are you carrying?  Does it look like a trashed-out diaper bag or the tote bag of a sophisticated professional?  Reasonably-priced, plain tote bags are available everywhere from Target to Steinmart.  And no-label totebags don’t cause purse-bias or logo-bias.


Make-up?  And back-up?  Conference centers have overhead canned lights or fluorescents that wash out our natural color, so we need to use make-up to enhance our facial features.  The basics are foundation, UNDEREYE-COVER (lighten up those shadows!), powder, blush, mascara, and lip color.  (And I try to make my eyes look bigger by using brown shadow in the crease).  For a full-day conference you can buy a make-up setting spray you can find in Sephora or Ulta that helps it last longer.  In your back-up make-up bag bring, at a minimum, lip color, blotting papers, and powder.  In photos, if you look “glowy” it reads “oily”, so I try to carry powder, or at least a pre-powdered puff, to knock that glow off!


If you wear nail polish or shellacs or whatever, get them done this weekend.  Don’t show up with chippy, peely, grown-out nails.  We talk with our hands – what will YOURS be saying about you?


If you haven’t downloaded the Whova app from HERWorld, this may reduce the need for business cards.  It certainly looks promising, but I’d still bring a stack if you have them.  Looking like a professional is most important.


So what’s your best accessory?  Your smile, of course!  Smile, make eye contact, and have a firm handshake – proven to be the best way to connect.  Literally show a new friend how happy you are to make that connection!  Where might this lead?


Let’s all get out and make our presence known!  See you there – come and say hello to me!