Career Tips Over Coffee:  Emotions -  Friend or Foe?

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on Apr 27, 2015

Business is not personal, but women can take it that way. 


When we do, we don’t just think about what is happening, we FEEL it. When a colleague disagrees with us in a meeting. 

Or when our pet project is sent back for revision.  Or when the guy in the next office gets the job we were expecting would be ours. 


Letting our emotions take over will trip us up.  When I refer to emotions, I’m not referring to the excitement or passion

for your cause. Those emotions are your friend.  I’m referring to anger, resentment, defensiveness, frustration, maybe crying.

These emotions are your foes in business. 


To be “heard”, we need to be in control of our emotions and make rational requests. An emotional woman presenting to a

man will likely trigger a flight, flight or freeze response, which is NOT going to get your message heard.


Before you go in to address that issue that has you all worked up, empty your “emotional basket”.  Talk to a friend,

journal or do an emotional clearing exercise to clear the way for a rational conversation.


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