Career Tips Over Coffee:  How Do You Handle that Obnoxious Colleague?

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on May 4, 2015

The recently flurry of Pink Petro engagement on degrading others brought to mind this topic:  What do you do when you have to work with someone who lacks the emotional intelligence to handle working relationships in a mature manner?


It’s not about what they do, it’s about how you respond. I recall a situation where I was being excluded from an event.  A woman who was my competitor convinced the organizer of the event to exclude me, using some pretty immature and manipulative methods. I was devastated and emotional.  I counselled with someone outside the situation who could keep me objective.  When I went back to the organizer I remained calm, addressed the situation and ended up being included in the event. 


The key was I didn’t get caught in the other person’s “stuff”.  That was a big growth step for me at the time. Years later I’m still proud of how I handled it.   It made me stronger.


Don’t make it bigger than it is.  When someone pushes our buttons, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ruminating on it.  The more you think about and talk about a difficult situation, the more “space” it occupies in your life.  After you’ve cleared out the emotion and decided on a response, let it go.  That’s what guys do.