Career Tips Over Coffee:  Show Up to Make an Impression

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on May 11, 2015

Women in energy “showed up” last week at OTC and let their presence be known.  I’m proud of Katie
and the Pink Petro women who are making their presence known with confidence, competence, and in community.  You are
all making a difference!


To become known we have to be visible.  To make a difference we have to be in the game.


I’m reminded of the woman who felt undermined by a colleague.   He had sent a meeting agenda and documents
early on the day of a big committee meeting where decisions would be made.  The rub was, he sent them early in the day
London time.  She was the only participant to attend the meeting in the US time zone, and was left with no time to review the
documents before the early morning meeting.


Angry, frustrated and feeling unprepared, she decided to not to attend the meeting. She was concerned that she would not have

full information on which to make decisions and didn’t want to look unprepared, even though the situation was not her fault.


Her actions had the opposite effect.


Don’t take yourself out of the game.  By leaving the meeting, she lost her opportunity to shape the decision, she lost the
opportunity to bring to light the underhanded colleague’s tactics and she gave up her power.  She would have been better
off using her sound business judgement and presence to make a difference.


It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Women are prone to perfectionism.  We don’t need to know
everything to participate.  She could have been a valuable contributor to the meeting, even without perfect preparedness.