Career Tips Over Coffee:  Business is a Game - Play Hard

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on Jul 6, 2015

In one of my recent programs one woman had a very insightful piece of information.


“I learned a lot about business watching my boys play basketball,”  she reflected. One night her son fouled out of the basketball game. 

After the game she questioned him as to why he had been so aggressive as to foul out. He didn’t even seem to be bothered by fouling

out of the game.  His response:


“If you don’t foul, you’re not playing hard enough.”


“That was an eye opener for me,” she told me.  “I always thought that if you fouled it meant you weren’t following the rules.”


As women, too often, we’re following the rules to a tee, being compliant and “getting along” (another message we’re raised to believe.)
The guys are using the rules to play the game to win.


Maybe we need to play a little harder and not get too concerned if we foul.