Career Tips Over Coffee:  Sometimes You Just Have to Stop

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on Aug 10, 2015

I took a nap yesterday. Yep.  I did it.  I’m happy to report it was the solution to my problem.


I’m coming off a nine week remodeling project in our home.  For the past nine weeks my responsibilities and obligations have continued at full

throttle in managing my business, children, family issues, personal business and more. 


All while I had the incremental role of project manager for the remodeling.


We’ve all been there…we take on one more thing when we’re already tapped out.


We had a great contractor, and he and I worked well as a team.  But I never saw it coming – the disruption to my schedule, my home office and my psyche.

There were days I had as many as 10 pickup trucks in front of my house and 15 craftsmen working just outside my office door…with questions and
interruptions coming every few minutes.  Now that it’s 95% done, I’m putting everything back together again – house, business, life.  My “to do”
list from the backlog is overwhelmingly long.

My plan was to take the weekend and blast through a long list of tasks, to begin to catch up. But I was tired.  I couldn’t get excited about any of it.

I couldn’t even think.


I took the advice I often give others. 


When you’re in the middle of a stressful or chaotic situation, step back and slow down.  When you do, your perspective changes.


When the ideas and energy quit flowing in my life yesterday, I gave myself permission to finish the book I was reading and take  a nap.
I ignored the little voice in my head that said, “You don’t have time to stop!” 


I stopped and after I did, I felt great!  I had a new perspective on what had to be done and how I could address the workload ahead of me.

The creativity came back and I’m back in the game.


What do you do for yourself when it’s time to slow down?