Career Tips Over Coffee:  Slow Down to Accomplish More

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on Oct 12, 2015

Last week I attended a luncheon where Anita Carmen spoke on "slowing down life" always a popular topic.  In fact a few weeks ago I wrote on something
similar and a lot of good ideas came to the surface from Pink Petro members.  Today I'll share some tips you can use daily to slow down your pace.


I've become better at slowing down in recent years, yet, I still struggle because I, too, have a plethora of people and responsibilities in my
lifeand Im a Type A personality who always wants to do more.


Contrary to our belief that moving faster gets more done, we're actually more productive if we slow down.


Yet, when my "to do" list gets short, I feel a level of "What will I do when everything is done?"  It's almost like my busy-ness becomes my
purpose...which intellectually I know is not true.


Here's what I know about myself.


My best ideas, guidance, productivity and people connections happen when I'm not feeling rushed.


Heres what I do to slow myself down.


Make transitions slowly.  Simply moving more slowly from one activity to another helps slow us down. This was a great piece of advice I received
years ago. This is particularly important when driving from place to place...for obvious safety reasons. 


Make your to do list realistic. I'm a planner. When my to do list is too long, I feel frustrated at the end of the day.  When it's realistic and
I can get everything done, I feel satisfied. After you make your list, take one third of the less important items off it. (P.S.  This works well when packing
for a trip, too.  I pack, then unpack some to keep it simple.)


Create margin in your schedule.  This means don't schedule everything back to back. Leave some space in between.  Dont work on one thing up until the very
last minute before the next is to start.  Stop a few minutes early.


Schedule time for your relationships.  Relationships with friends, advocates, partner, spouse, etc. have to be deliberate. Good intentions come to fruition when
you schedule them.


Drink a cup of tea.  The English have this one down.  I love the afternoon routine of slowing down for tea time. When I've been intensely working on something all day, I find it renews
and relaxes me to stop and have a cup of tea.