Powerful Women Balancing Families - Phone Stress

Blog Post created by suz.odonnell Advocate on Nov 8, 2015

I find that many women put more pressure on themselves than others put on them.  One way we do this is check email long after 5 or 6pm when no one else expects us to be responding.  ...and responding could invite even more messages/disruptions. 


Yes, we all know there are times when there's something big going on at work and we might need to do this for a day or two, BUT how often are you sacrificing the quality of your "life-time" when you don't need to be checking it? 


This can cause you undue stress, interrupt your family time AND actually make you less effective at work.  Waiting until the next morning will improve the quality of your response because you'll be more focused in your work setting and taking time to enjoy other things in life uninterrupted improves brain function and will make you more successful. 


Do you do this?  What are you going to do to try to stop checking email after hours when it's not needed?  How will this improve your happiness in life and success at work?