Got the Stats - Now Want to DO Something About it?

Blog Post created by suz.odonnell Advocate on Mar 10, 2016

Did HERWorld and International Women's day get you all pumped up with statistics and the desire to do something to increase the % of women in energy and in leadership?  Statistics are great for lighting a fire under you, but you must DO something in order to continue climbing the ladder and show everyone you and your peers belong there. 


What can you do? 

  • Revisit your career vision: What do you really want out of your life and your career?
  • Consider your personal brand:  Do others see you the way you want to be seen?  Do they think you are promotable?  Do they know you want the projects or roles that you seek?  Do they see you as a top-notch go-getter?  Figure out what you want to be known for and make it known. 
  • Manage well in difficult times:  True colors show in tough times.  Make sure you are demonstrating the utmost strength as a leader during the downturn so people look to you to lead great things in the good times too. 
  • Get help:  It gets lonely when you are trying to put on a brave face and be seen as the leader you are.  Seek support from trusted colleagues, a leadership coach, or friends. 


Don't sit idle waiting to find out if your company is going to promote you or lay you off.  Don't shy away from difficult tasks that could make you shine now and be seen as someone they want to rise going forward.  Don't stop investing in yourself just because your company is cutting budgets! 


Reply with a comment to let us know what you are DOING to advance your career or reach out to me directly with comments/questions.