Trust, is it as simple as Strengthening Relationships through Mutual Respect?

Blog Post created by arthune Advocate on Apr 6, 2016

Yesterday I had the opportunity to facilitate a class on trust.  We all are aware that one of the most fragile things that we have is someone's trust.  It can take a long time to gain it and in a minute lose it.  If we go back to what learned at a young age about treating people with dignity and respect are we able to gain their trust?


The class focused on each individual and how they gain and lose trust in others and the discovery that how you look at trust may be the exact opposite of someone else.  The afternoon was spent in dialogue as a group having those moments of enlightenment of how to approach people with differing thought and behavior attributes and gaining their trust.  As a person if you can recognize in a fellow employee that they may approach a situation differently and respect that you have an opportunity to gain their trust.


It was inspirational to see individuals come together to help each other recognize the differences within and thru respect gain the trust of each other.