Career Tips Over Coffee:  Today is the Day

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on Nov 7, 2016

Today is the day…that I’m taking my own advice. I’m taking action for change.  There's a project in my business that needs my attention.  I’ve put it off…but no more. It’s time to change.

I work with women to create change in their careers. I support my clients in overcoming obstacles and taking action.   What is it that we all need, including me, to take action for change? Here are a few points that I’ve observed work for me and for my clients.

Get Centered: Getting into a place of peacefulness is the first step to creating change. Any decision to start something new or make a change must come from a stress-free perspective, absent from distractions and with a mindset that can see a clear way forward. Meditation, yoga, prayer, retreats, using a coach or friend to think things through…all are useful tools for getting centered.

Be Realistic: If we want to change something, the goal has to be realistic. Absent that, we can slip into discouragement or feeling overwhelmed.

Create Margin: The time to do something new has to come from somewhere. I encourage clients to create “margin” in their schedules. Leave time in between meetings, even if 15 minutes. Deliberately schedule time to work on that new project or effort. Make it the first thing that goes on the calendar.

Enlist Support: We all need support. One of my coaching colleagues is my accountability partner. I have used a coach to support me in specific areas of my development.   They provide useful feedback and encouragement – something we all need when making changes.

Take the First Step: It has to be simple, small and measurable. We need to feel that we’ve taken a step in the right direction. In my project, I’ve already taken several small steps in a short period of time to get me started. They are easily repeatable, so long as I have the first four points in place. I already feel better about the journey ahead.


Today was the day for me.  What do you want to start today?