Career Tips Over Coffee:  'Tis The Season to Talk About YOU

Blog Post created by susan.hodge Champion on Dec 5, 2016

You’re busy. This time of year is fun, yet adds a multitude of activities to our already hectic schedules. It’s a time of year when we tend to focus on others, which is a good thing. However, it’s also the time of year when performance write ups are due, scorecards are being drawn up and bonus, raise and performance discussions are taking place. Even though we’re busy, we need to make these important career discussions a priority.

In the midst of the year end busy-ness, make time to focus on and communicate your accomplishments.

If your boss is asking for your performance write up, make it a priority during your day. It’s a leverage point for your career. Don’t rush it to get it done.

I was working with a woman on communicating her accomplishments, which is a key skill I teach in one of my signature programs.   My client was very talented and had sent me her write up of her achievements during the year. It was voluminous, apparently intending to convey that she had done a lot. However, it had the opposite effect. I lost attention quickly because I couldn’t find the key messages in the details.

Lengthy detailed write ups, poorly organized, won’t get the attention you want.

As I read it, I also saw lots of references to her team. She wanted, rightly, to give credit to her team. However, I asked her, “Where are you in these achievements?” Feeling uncomfortable talking about herself, she had buried her role so deep in the descriptions that it wasn’t clear what she had done.

It’s hard to talk about ourselves without feeling like we’re bragging. But it is possible. And it is necessary.

When preparing your performance write up, keep in mind these three things:

  • Be concise.
  • Be direct.
  • Highlight you.

Do you struggle with writing a concise, direct assessment of your achievements that highlights YOU?