WEN 15 - Stepping into the C-Level

Blog Post created by jgardner on Apr 9, 2015

#WEN15.  Great presentation on the skills needed to move from the business unit and into the c-suite.  You need to cultivate the following skills: be a servant leader, create opportunity and vision and be a grat listener.


Servant leadership helps you engage. .. engagement is how you drive value out of your people. Servant leadership skills that leaders need to demonstrate..

  1. Authenticity
  2. encouraging
  3. generous
  4. humble
  5. inclusive
  6. questionning


Opportunity Creator

The entrepreneurial mindset is drawn to opportunities,  innovation and value creation by taking calculated risks and accepting the realities of change and uncertainity.


Be a great Listener

There is a postive link between a teams listening environment and financial performance. Understand your teams communication preferences and ensure they are balanced across the team.  There are 4 styles:  people oriented, action oriented, content oriented and technology oriented.