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Test Your Energy Knowledge with this App

Blog Post created by Pink Petro Staff on Apr 26, 2017


Every home is full of objects made from organic compounds known as hydrocarbons. In fact, it would be difficult for many of us to go through the day without using a product that has some hydrocarbons in it. Hydrocarbons, or chains of hydrogen and carbon molecules that create many of our chemicals and synthetic materials are often derived from oil and natural gas.

The new Hydrocarbon Hunt game, developed by Shell let’s you walk through a virtual reality (VR) * home to identify everyday items and learn about their hydrocarbon makeup.  The game begins in the living room with a short message on the TV.  From there you are free to explore four additional rooms, but watch the time!  At the end of the game, review your finds and play again.  Just like any other valuable resource, be sure to reduce, reuse and recycle all hydrocarbon products.

Step into the Innovation lab today and download the app!

Hydrocarbon Hunt on the App Store 

Hydrocarbon Hunt - Android Apps on Google Play 

You can also search in each store by typing in Hydrocarbon Hunt (two words) or Atticus Digital.

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* VR game version intended for students and adults at least 14 years or older.  Use caution when wearing a VR headset and stop immediately if you feel unwell.