WorkforceNEXT Q&A: Talking with Kylee

Blog Post created by sara.marchionda on Jun 2, 2016
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WorkforceNEXT asked this, among other big questions, to Kylee Ngo, Manager, Compensation and Benefits, at Genesis Energy.


“Over the last two years, management at Genesis has embraced multiple initiatives to enhance the technology in place, allowing me to transform the Compensation and Benefits programs...Each time we are able to move a manual process to a tool, it reduces the manual workload of my team, allowing us to focus more on the strategic direction of the programs and the employee experience all while decreasing the potential for errors.”


See what specific programs have been implemented at Genesis by checking out the complete interview (...and find out why being softball pitcher has had such an impact on her life) here. You can also view a snapshot of the rest of the questions we asked below.


The two year delay of the 40% excise tax, also known as the Cadillac tax, on employer-sponsored healthcare benefits was a significant opportunity. This was part of the first wave of significant changes to the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). What changes are your company still considering in response to the PPACA? Or, is your company taking a “wait and see” approach? What is the driving factor behind your company’s approach?
“The delay in the excise tax was considered by many HR professionals, specifically Benefits professionals, to be a huge win when it comes to the ACA. However, prior to this delay, many oil and gas companies, including Genesis Energy, LLC, had already implemented the “wait and see” approach…”


How do you facilitate communication and a positive work culture in your company?
“From a benefits perspective, I have created an educational email communication program...and the result has been overwhelming. The increased discussion around benefits and the additional questions the benefits team has answered not only helps to educate the employees, but it gets them excited about their benefits. Any time an employee can better utilize the benefits we provide, or chooses to increase their 401k deferral, we feel we have positively impacted our employees.”


We also wanted to “get to know the HR Pro” and learned that Kylee’s position in softball has had a profound impact and application in many aspects of her professional life. “I have a team working together to achieve a common goal, but I must individually succeed in my own role to make the team successful.”


View all the questions and her full insight here.


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