Talent at the table: Women in Power and Utilities Index 2015 (EY Study)

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EY conducted a very interesting study, completed in 2015, on women in the board room in power and utilities.   "EY is tracking the number of women in the boardrooms of the top 200 global utilities by revenue. The power and utilities (P&U) sector is in the midst of a massive transformation, and needs new ideas and innovative approaches like never before. The proven links between gender diversity on boards and better business performance show that more women in your boardroom makes good business sense."


Included topics in this study:


The Women in P&U index 2015

In 2015, the overall percentage of women in the boardrooms of P&U companies has decreased, but there were more female board executives and more women in senior management teams. At the apex of our global top 20 list is South Africa’s Eskom, followed by Duke Energy (US) and Sempra Energy (US).


Regional top performers

For a broader geographical representation, we expanded our analysis this year from the top 100 global utilities by revenue to the top 200. Here we list the top three performers in each region.


Gender parity: it’s time to accelerate change

Having more women on the board leads to a better-performing business. Our analysis shows that the global top 20 utilities for gender diversity, with a combined average return on equity (ROE) of 8.5 significantly outperform the lower 20, with a combined average ROE of 7%. Decisive action is needed to get to gender parity in P&U.