Circle Leader Responsibilities

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Thank You!

We appreciate your volunteering to be a Pink Petro LEAN IN Circle Leader and your commitment to uniting, connecting, developing, and growing women in energy and those that support them.


Your Commitment as a Circle Leader

As a Circle Leader you agree to:

  • Keep regularly cadence of online meetings of your group and request the same commitment of your group.
  • Refine your topic area into detail topics as determined by your group’s input.
  • Develop a curriculum of articles, videos, etc. for preparation of meetings based on your topic.
  • Facilitate meetings based on your topics.  Be prepared.
  • Monitor the Q&A blog/comments of your group within the community according to the Circle Moderation Guidelines below.
  • Maintain positive atmosphere of the group.
  • Discuss any issues or questions about Circle Leadership or your group with the Pink Petro Mentoring Program Leader.


Connecting with your Circle

  • We matched you with a circle of mentees based on the areas of interest chosen from the four Lean IN Circle areas by persons who signed up to be mentees. These names shall be provided to you. 
  • To contact your mentees, please use the messaging service within Pink Petro and encourage each mentee to Follow the Circle Page to receive notifications of new content.



  • The LEAN IN Page in the Pink Petro community provides four separate content places for LEAN IN Circles based on area of interest: 1) Interrupting Bias, 2) Soft Skills, 3) Technical Skills, and 4) Work-Life Balance.  Your Circle is based on one of these areas. Mentees can ask questions in the Question area of each of the Circles. You will moderate the Q&A for this area.
  • Join the Circle Leaders group to stay up to date with management tips and moderation guidelines, as well as a forum to ask questions. Link
  • Use the Jive provided widgets to customize and organize the circle Overview layouts and functionality.  Link
  • You will be given and account in Zoom, which is a tool within the community for facilitating online meetings. Link
  • Resources from the LEAN IN Organization which include articles and videos with discussion questions. These are organized by topic and tagged with keywords to find relevant ones for your group. Link

Questions that need to be answered for above section:

  • How does someone join the Circle Leaders group? Shouldn’t we add the leaders to the group?  Is there a help document on this? What does the group get you, i.e. is it a group that can be used for messaging? How is it used?
  • Jive provided widgets? Is there guidance on this?  Are we suggesting that they modify the look of the Circle page? Wouldn’t this require admin permission?
  • Do we understand how each leader will use Zoom to faciliatate meetings? Guidance on this?
  • Where do we advise people to go for the LEAN IN organization circle materials?


Engaging Your Circle

  • Circles may be engaged two ways: 1) Q&A comment/blog on the LEAN IN Circle page, and 2) Online in-person meetings.
  • Set up a frequency of meetings with your group, suggested as monthly or bi-weekly. Timing of the meeting should be determined by you based on input from your circle. Post the date/time of meetings on your Circle page.
  • Check the Q&A commenting/blog on your LEAN IN Circle regularly (every few days at least).  You can “Follow” your Circle’s page to get alerts when there is new content.
  • Circles created will be audited each quarter for inactivity.


Circle Moderation

  • Be a subject matter expert: You should be knowledgeable about the area/category or circle you are leading.
  • Provide constructive guidance to facilitate collaboration and appropriate use of the platform and functionality.
  • Ensure content and engagement are appropriate.
  • Keep your circle a professional and friendly community.
  • Be accessible to your community of users to answer questions.
  • Work with users to reduce or remove duplicated content or questions.
  • Monitor blog comments. Extinguish all “flame wars” or any non-constructive, unprofessional confrontations. Take action where relevant.
  • If you have copyright concerns, review the copyright resources available in the help community; contact the community management team.
  • Be sure content is being posted to the correct place (space, group or project). Moderators should use the "Move" function to move content and comment threads to the appropriate location.
  • Content should be tagged with keywords and categories as appropriate.


If you no longer have the ability to serve as a moderator, please contact the Pink Petro Mentoring Program Leader.

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