Getting Started: Creating Your Organization's Profile & Inviting Your Members

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Setting up your organization's profile allows you to manage your membership.


Step 1: Upon logging in to the site, you'll see it will want to build your community.  You will want to load your company's logo and press continue.


The system will ask if you want to connect with any connections.  You can skip through this by clicking ONE MORE STEP


And the last step, the site will ask if you if you wish to make your first post.    We recommend you create a message that announces your presence to let others know you've joined the platform!



STEP 2:  Navigate to the name of your company in the right hand corner to update your basic profile information.  We recommend you make a personalized URL and complete the profile with appropriate contact information.  This is how we get in touch with you.  The "locked" position next to each field means this is a private field. 



Once you update the profile, save it.


Step 3:  Navigate to the second tab: INFORMATION & SETTINGS


In Information and Settings, you'll manage your preferences and sub-accounts, which are the most important options.  


  • Your preferences allow you to determine when you receive notifications.  
  • Sub-accounts provide information to invite new members within your organization to Pink Petro and determine the number of available ‘seats’ (memberships) within the account.



Step 4: First, Click on Sub-accounts and then ensure to “ACTIVATE ALL AVAILABLE SEATS” as this will turn on all available memberships. 


My Sub-Accounts will allow admins to send emails and invite members of your corporation to join Pink Petro. 


The page will inform you of the number of memberships available within your corporate account as well.  In addition, it will allow you to send a custom link to a prospective member to join under your company account. 

Simply copy the “Your Sub-Accounts Direct Link” and paste the link within an email thread to the prospective member and it will direct them to sign up, it’s that easy.   You can use the Getting Started:  Membership Welcome Letter  and put the key link into this template communication to use to invite your members. Note this public key expires in 30 days.  You may have to generate it a few times as it could expire. 


Step 4: Navigate to the third tab:  PAYMENTS AND INVOICES.  This is where you will pay for your membership unless you are invoiced separately.  Pink Petro prefers you pay your invoices online but we do take ACH and checks. 


If you have any issues with the above, you can contact Membership Support at