Leadership and Decision Making in the Energy Industry

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Starts at 8:00 AM · Ends on Dec 29, 2017 at 9:00 AM, CST (America/Chicago)

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I’d like to personally invite you to make an investment in yourself by enrolling in the most recent energy executive education offering from Rice University.  This on line course is available to you through the Pink Petro organization at a special rate and is designed to upgrade and strengthen your understanding of the many aspects of Energy Value Chains and Decision-making required in the energy industry.  The course is entitled:   “Leadership and Decision Making in the Energy Industry”


The course is a self-paced 15 week experience designed to address a rigorous decision-making framework applied to the 3 segments of each of the major markets in oil and gas, petrochemicals, and electric power.  By applying the framework and value chain understanding, we then apply scenario analysis and challenge ourselves to ask the right questions, access the risks, and to create the options and optionality in decision-making that best suits the situation and the decision-maker. This is how senior level general management determines the “best” path forward.


We have a mix of classroom type explanation and detail, a healthy amount of exercises and discussion forums you will experience with others taking the class, and there are opportunities to apply the rigor and discipline to outside readings. Industry executives in the course provide their perspectives and experiences in all of these energy markets.  We look into the economics, regulatory structures, market dynamics and challenge ourselves to understand the risks and consequences of decisions at a personal, industry and governmental level.  We address global challenges and enable ourselves to act at a local level with this global perspective.  We strive to ensure long term Energy Sustainability as we define it in our course.


A number of Pink Petro enrollees participated in the initial course Fall of 2016, and we were delighted with the participation and impacts to this group.  This Fall 2017 launch is set for Sept 18 and will include all of the previous course work, as well as a number of builds and enhancements we have added specifically from directed feedback from the Pink Petro enrollees at our end of the term capstone event.  We plan to have a similar capstone event for the Fall 2017 course enrollees in January 2018  at our Rice University campus and enable you to meet the on line faculty, interact and network with the other learners in your group and to ask the tough questions you may have encountered in the course with direct interaction with the on line faculty in a discussion setting.  We plan to broadcast this event as well over the web to enable the largest amount of participation possible.


So please consider this opportunity and take the next step to register.  We are delighted to have this relationship with Pink Petro and want you to become part of the Rice community, as well as the global energy decision-making community.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing the experience of learning and wisdom we wish to provide you.


The Honorable Charles McConnell

Executive Director – Rice Energy and Environment Initiative

Assistant Secretary of Energy – US DOE (2011-13)