Seeking Inspiration

Idea created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Mar 31, 2015
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    Did my headline grab your attention?  This is the ENERGY channel right?  Yep. 


    When I am in serious need of inspiration - I choose art.  I am talking about music, art collections, interior design, and gardening.  Sometimes I let my 3 chihuahuas join me (Chico, Twinkles, and Feathers love old swing music and digging up dirt when I am planting plants).  For me (I am a former musician), I find music most inspirational and relaxing.  You know you WORK HARD, well we all need to PLAY HARD too (YES, I am talking RECESS for Adults).   They say, what makes you old is when you forget how to play.   Its easy to do - getting caught up in everything else in life.



    Yesterday (in Houston) I stumbled across the most amazing business woman.  She is an artistic entrepreneur of the most creative kind.  She is repackaging classical music in the most audacious and innovative ways.  She is BREAKING ALL THE OLD MUSICAL RULES!  Now you have all heard of STEM - but what about STEAM (that's STEM plus ART).  WOW she got my attention.  I think some of our program development directors of organizations promoting women in energy might also find this interesting (we are always looking for new ideas right).


    If you live in Houston, there is a jewel in your midst.  If you are seeking serious inspiration - go check out this ROCO group.  Sure to inspire you and your family.


    Now that you have my recommendation, I am curious - Where do you find Inspiration?  When you are ready for RECESS - what do you do?