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I haven’t seen that sky in days. It’s been all rain. So much rain. But here it is.   Many energy families in Houston are dealing with massive losses right now. Since the start of the storm, Pink Petro has leveraged our wide network of resources to connect people to what they need: rescues, meals, and shelter. We will continue to as recovery… (Show more)
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Pink Petro is open for business.   Our offices are underwater. My home is underwater, and I spent the past week riding boats up and down the streets of Houston and rallying our community with civic leaders to get some solutions. Our whole world has been turned upside down, but we are here.   We haven’t stopped moving and we won’t — not when it… (Show more)
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Amber Bantz
US Sanctions on the Russian Energy Industry US expanded sanctions in relation to the Russian energy industry. This in substance involves participating or assisting with new energy projects, the most notable one being North Stream 2, a parallel pipeline for additional Russian exports to Germany with a an additional projected capacity of 55 billion… (Show more)
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