How important is social media when you are considering a new job or role?

Poll created by kimberly.wilson Advocate on Mar 14, 2015

It would be interesting to hear from the group what role social media plays when considering a new job.  It may be easiest to reflect on the last time you changed jobs moving to a new company or took a new role within another division within your company.


The definition of each category is as follows:

  • Extremely Important - I review everything I can on the company, it's culture and what people are saying on social media sites. What I find is extremely important to my decision and weighs heavily on my final choice.
  • Very Important - I look at the presence a company has and what is being said through social media. What is found is important and helps me make my decision.
  • Somewhat Important - I look at social media, but it is not something I need to look at to consider a new job or role.
  • Not important - I don't look at social media when considering a new job.
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  • Extremely Important
  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • Not important
  • Other-please leave a comment