Female Friendly Benefits?

Poll created by katie.mehnert Champion on Sep 1, 2015

Taken from our friends at Ellevate Network, we're curious about what you think.


The New York Times ran a piece about how even with all the parental perks companies are offering, corporate culture ultimately needs to change in order to support women. Do you think perks like freezing eggs and nannies on planes are positive?  Haven't read it?  Check it out here and come back and vote.  http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/08/24/opinion/the-workplace-culture-that-flying-nannies-wont-fix.html?_r=2&referrer=

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  • Yes
  • No, it's not enough.
  • No, these perpetuate the all-access-the-time cultural problem
  • Gee, this is a tough one.