Politics:  How Engaged Are You?

Poll created by Pink Petro Staff on Oct 26, 2015

This weekend, Argentines voted to choose a new president to replace Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who is constitutionally barred from seeking a third term.  While in Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, 46 and a former TV comedian, was elected to the country's highest spot.  In Poland, Jaroslaw Kaczynski claimed victory, and the outgoing Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz admitted defeat.


The American election is heating up as candidates head into the primaries in early next year with many local elections taking place now. 


How engaged are you in the political process?

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  • I want to be engaged. I need time or more information.
  • I'm engaged - I think it's important I stay connected to the leaders of my country, state or local area.
  • I'm somewhat engaged - I'm busy but I keep up with the news.
  • I'm disengaged
  • Other, please a comment (or comment on your vote)