Open salaries, the Good, the Bad and the Awkward

Poll created by Eileen Mahlow Champion on Jan 21, 2016

This Wall Street Journal article discusses "the Good, the bad and the Awkward" about publishing salaries.  The idea of open pay is to get pay and performance problems out on the table for discussion, eliminate salary inequities and spark better performance.  But apparently it can also spark some awkward conversations when you compare your salary to coworkers.  So how would you feel if others could see how much you make?  What would you do if you learned that you were underpaid relative to coworkers?

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  • I would definitely ask my boss for a raise if I found out I was making less than others and felt I deserved more.
  • Um, yeah, well, I would not say anything. I'd be more likely to leave my job and find another if I found out I was underpaid.
  • I think I'd go talk to people making more than me and try to learn negotiation techniques so I could go ask for a raise.
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