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Women in energy: Bias and barriers - Al Jazeera English

Question asked by clare.mcnamara Champion on Mar 16, 2015
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Women in energy: Bias and barriers

On this special edition of Counting the Cost we examine the challenges facing women in the energy sector.

Video clip from the recent Doha Women in Energy Summit with Marie Jose Nadeau, the chair of the World Energy Council; Nawal al-Fezai, Kuwait's representative at OPEC and the assistant undersecretary for economic affairs at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Oil; and Nathalie Rush, the head of Human Resources at Maersk Oil Qatar.
The piece on cultural expectation is interesting, and wise words from Nathalie Rush on the need for a different mindset over the log term if we are to retain the female talent the industry needs.

Does anyone have direct contact with any of these women to tell them about Pink Petro?

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