What's your Why? by Samer Abousalbi

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I recently finished the book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek, which was based off his very popular TED talk. The book expands upon his talk, and offers more examples of how companies came to be because they have a deep sense of “why”. Companies with a strong vision communicate it in ways that aren’t even explicit— you just pick up on it. It’s in everything they do, say, and is visible in their internal culture, and their products, etc.

I started thinking that if we spend all this time working on our company’s vision/mission/why statement, then why don’t we spend time on our own? In other words, shouldn’t we (as people) have our own sense of why? Our own vision of the future?

It’s a neat thing to think about when you start asking yourself those questions. What does my idea of the future look like? What’s going to be the thing that people remember me for? When I say that, I don’t necessarily mean the whole world—you don’t have to become famous for people to remember you. It’s more about the impact you plan on making in the world. What’s your dent in the universe?

Once you figure that out, then navigating your life becomes a bit easier—and more purposeful. Every decision you make is measured against whether or not it’s going to get you closer to that future. Decisions either align with your vision or they don’t. If they don’t, then you have to question it.

So, what gets you up in the morning? What will push you to do things that you never thought were possible? If you don’t know right this instant, that’s okay—but it’s important to explore. Finding your why means believing in a better tomorrow. And even better, it means doing something about making that better tomorrow a reality.

What’s your why?