AAPG ACE 2015...road trip to networking.

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This is a bit later than I had wanted to get it out to everyone. The first two times I tried posting it, it failed. I wasn't clued in enough to do it in a word document first, or save a draft before publishing it. I have learned from those mistakes, I hope.


I decided, somewhat last minute, to go to AAPG this year to try to network my way to employment. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't, but I added some nice people to my network and some potential contractors for when I land. I also had some time to relax and reflect on my way to Denver, driving from Tulsa - a 10 hour drive.

One thing to remember when reflecting in your car - don't reflect for too long and let you gas light come on. You might end up having to stop at a shady place like this:

IMG_1117 (2).JPG

It was a nice drive. Uneventful, the landscape covered with these:


Through most of northern Oklahoma, many of the pump jacks I saw were shut in. I made the assumption it was due to the current oil price. As I drove west, more and more pump jacks were operating, the fields in western Kansas seem profitable at $60 oil.

I snapped this picture of the Denver skyline while driving into the convention Monday morning, not the best, but it was a clear day.

IMG_1138 (2).JPG

The convention itself was packed at the icebreaker on Sunday. I ran into a few friends, professors, and former colleagues. I will admit at first it seemed somewhat depressing, as the majority of people there were in my shoes, out-of-work and hoping to find new employment. I quickly learned going up to booths and asking if they were looking for geologists was not going to work. I created a new approach which got the vendors engaged with me, showed them how intelligent I am, and eventually they would open up about job opportunities (within their company, other companies at AAPG, or companies in OK, TX, or CO). I one point I had a geosteering company looking for jobs at the convention for me and texting me if they heard of anything. NOW THAT IS NETWORKING!!

Unfortunately, there weren't many companies advertising they were hiring. Saudi Aramco if you are willing to move to Saudi Arabia, Kosmos Energy in Dallas, and a few other wellsite companies if you talked to them. However, AAPG had a room where you could post your resume. Employers with open positions could post those as well. I posted my resume Monday morning through Wednesday. I wasn't sure if it was helpful...until this morning when I received a phone call from a company who grabbed a copy of my resume at AAPG.

I was surprised to see the list below of sponsors of which 10-15 were actually present and of those, 6 were media sponsors. Perspective.IMG_1145.JPG

So, all-in-all I believe it was very beneficial to have gone to the convention - for the networking and posting my resume which now appears to have led to an interview. I leave you with some pictures of the convention.