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SOUND-OFF:  How can Pink Petro help?

Question asked by katie.mehnert Champion on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by arthune

As you know we've launched in a short time and amassed about 500 members and an unwieldy number of prospects -  we should be proud of this.  I am!


We have a viable community that we plan to build, scale and grow and plan to use this downturn.  You are all an early part of this which means you get to help us thinktank about the future.  I've been talking a lot with corporations, academic institutions and the media about membership, Pink Petro, our future, etc.   Rather than pretend I know these answers (although I do have my opinions) I want to know what you think.... so here's your chance to speak up or forever hold your peace! 


I want to hear from all of you: men, women, students, mid-careers, unemployed, expats, etc. 


1.  How can Pink Petro help companies attract more women into industry?


2.  What is Pink Petro doing for you that you cannot get elsewhere?


3.  Why would you want your company to support Pink Petro?  How could they leverage it to develop women in the industry in a more distributed way?


4.  If you were a company leader with a budget, how would YOU use Pink Petro?


5.  If you are a member from Shell or Halliburton, why do you think your companies joined Pink Petro?


6.  Any other comments, ideas, etc? 


If you don't feel comfortable speaking here, private message me.