Forbes: World's most powerful women (unexpected # of STEM women named... really)?

Discussion created by joanndenise21 Champion on May 28, 2015

Yes I am being a bit provocative but I do take exception to anyone being surprised that more women in STEM (Ph.D Chemistry; Math, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Graduates) are being named to the list.  This is good news!


Also good that female CEO's at IBM, HP and Yahoo continue to be on the list.  Yeah for those of us watching the Information Technology space .. yes that is a shameless plug!


Article worth the read The World's Most Powerful Women 2015.  There are also a number of interesting links embedded in the article.


You can read all the numbers yourself but one that sticks with me is women represent 4.6% of CEOs in the S&P500.    Forbes summarizes the stats as "wretched stats", their words not mine.  Though I agree!  Suggesting that we can increase female representation if we look at influence and impact versus just position and wealth.  Interesting.


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As I was writing this post, my colleague posted an interesting question.  Do give a reply to What do you think is holding women back from the C-Suite and Entreprenuership?