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Free Webinar: Secrets from a Consultant Recruiter

Question asked by teri.paulsen on Jun 2, 2015
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Hello Pink Petro Ladies:


I am not in recruiting but thought with so many good people looking for employment, this might be beneficial to share.

Norm is a great person to know. If he doesn't have something for you, he's the type of person to connect you to his network.

If I can be of help in any way, I certainly will.


Take care!


Here's the info:


Want to learn what makes a candidate stand out from a recruiter's perspective?

Join Lewis Fowler on June 16th at 11:00am MDT for a webinar hosted by Director of Recruiting, Norm Barnett.

In this free webinar Norm will discuss how to:

     • Stand out in any market, whether it's an employee or employer's market.

     • Develop your personal brand.

     • Craft a resumé that recruiters will notice.

Director of Recruiting Norm Barnett

Norm Barnett
Director of Recruiting

Norm has 20 years of recruiting and recruiting management experience and specializes in developing talent acquisition and placement strategies.

He knows what matters to recruiters, and puts it to practice everyday at Lewis Fowler


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