Building local coalitions promoting women in energy

Discussion created by arthune Advocate on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by tracy.rummel

I recently joined PinkPetro and today ask myself why it took me so long.  The information that is being shared is very powerful.


Within my organization we are starting a women in leadership group and a women in mining group.  The leadership group will be to develop/promote and provide resources within our company for women to be successful.  On a larger scale we are partnering with a local mining company to promote our "Industry" to women.  The resources that I have found in PinkPetro will certainly be a great tool for us to use going forward and truly am excited to see how we can integrate PinkPetro into our business.


However,  I would ask if any of you have started similar coalitions?  What were your initial steps, what did you see worked well, some things you would say didn't work well.  Have you kept the interest in the group?


Thank you for input it will be greatly appreciated.