Event Suggestion: Permian Basin Petro Association

Discussion created by kimberly.smith Champion on Jul 30, 2015

Dear PBPA Members,   We like to keep you informed of the events going on in the Permian Basin that affect the industry.  Often times those events are educational opportunities.  One of those opportunities is on the horizon!   The world of residual oil zones (ROZs) in the San Andres formation is developing rapidly.  Not only are they being commercially exploited using CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques, they are now being horizontally drilled in Andrews and Yoakum Counties as well.     A four-day course on August 11-14, 2015, is put on by the leaders in CO2 EOR and ROZs, and will expose the attendees to the latest in these commercial technologies and the techniques being used.   The course is designed for business persons, geologists and engineers.   If you are interested in learning more, please log on to Midland College's Petroleum Professional Development website for more information and registration or contact Steve Melzer at