The Shale Cliffhanger

Discussion created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Nov 8, 2015

Fasten your seat belts and secure your harnesses, Pink Petro's Paula Waggoner-Aguilar has written her first article!  "I finally decided if I am going to write - then I want to approach it like I am having a conversation with one of my clients over lunch".  After a short safety briefing, Paula boldly compares the crude market to legendary North Texas roller coaster called the Texas Cliffhanger. She guides us through the how we got to where we are and then leaps to the underlying supply and demand fundamentals.  Along the way, she reminds us we encouraged these producers to "bet the bank on the rocks", yet we deny them free trade".  Paula also talks about so called debt "workouts" drawing a analogy to CrossFit.  "Try that when you are out of financial shape."  There is much more so be sure to check it out.


Are you curious about this legendary North Texas Coaster?  Check out Paula's blog about the Inspiration behind the Article - The Wildcatter.  Check out the Six Flags YouTube video about one ride that could rival HUET training.