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Changing Times & Redefining Roles - Taking on More

Question asked by jordan_benson on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by jane.haag

I have been reading the many articles about "the new oilfield". How the industry may never be as rampant as it once was. This is no different for my company. We are amidst layoffs, and I need to redefine my role as Training Manger. My title does not exactly encompass all I do, and I am currently looking at an opportunity to present myself for a larger role within Training. The struggle is we also have and HSE group. I find myself doing OSHA Mandated Training and CPR Training, and other "required" training, and then HSE is doing the same things. It's very confusing on whose responsibility is what within our company. I do not wish to give those things up for lack of job security, but was hoping I could get some insight on what other "Training Managers" in the oil and gas sector do. My roles is usually geared towards more technical training and finding training providers for those skills rather than me providing the training, but I would like to include Development and maybe compliance in there as well. I have an opportunity to create a position with lots of leverage but I am not sure what that role would be called or would look like on paper. My position would be over drilling, completions, and disposal.  Where do I go from here?