Pink Petro Connected Us and I'm Grateful

Discussion created by nlazreg on Jan 14, 2016
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The first time I heard about executive coaching was while I was working in Canada with a Canadian firm. It was so big for that company every leader had to work with a coach. I worked with one who was assigned to our leadership team. It was ok but I never left the session feeling different and empowered or even motivated to change. She was a very qualified person and highly recommended but it was not the powerful experience as I anticipated. I missed session when I could as I found it waste of my time.


A few years later as we were building a startup, the CEO was being coached by great Coach. The coach was a reputable PhD. I was a part of his leadership team so she coached us. Her expertise was in high achieving team. There were 4 of us - 2 male and 2 female and it was good experience overall.


However every session I left feeling drained and with more questions about how I come across and whether I fit in. It didn't empower me. It left me walking on egg shells.  I got nothing from the session so I decided that maybe I cannot be coached and it is not for me. I'm too stubborn to listen to people or to change,so I gave up on coaching.


Then a few months back, my intuition pushed me one day to email Susan Hodge, a Pink Petro member and coach who I found here. For some reason I wanted to reach out to her.


So I emailed her and she called me and we had a quick chat and boom...I wanted her help!  I did not even care how much it will cost me. She helped me. At our last session I cried.  Working with her has been so good and it's the best investment I ever made as I’m going through rough times. She's managed to help me gain confidence again and opened my eyes on things I have done and skills I have that I never realized I had or took for granted.


After each session I feel recharged, and am slowly starting to see where I best fit, how I see myself, what work I should be doing and where I can a mark.  And guess what that list is long


As we have one more session to go I wanted to thank Susan for her help and guidance, and all the positivity she managed to bring in to my situation. Thank you Katie and Pink Petro for this network - no sorry not the network, but the quality and skills of people in this network!


There are plenty of networks out there. I want all of you  men and women, out there wanting some directions especially who are affected by this oil crisis, please reach out to Susan and write your next chapter. This  slowdown in activity allowed me to better see the world and how I can help it. I was in my cocoon busy from well to well, project to project, dead libe to dead line, and with Susan helping I’m managing slowly.  I'm not there yet but I see better where my next chapter should be and I will make it happen.


Thank you Susan Hodge. Thank you Katie and Pink Petro. Please continue to attract talented people so together using this network we make difference by empowering each other. It is not about gender or women helping women. I know many male friends who will benefit from working with Susan. We all have strengths and weaknesses and the magic of a network like this is to be able to mix in our technical, operational business and other non soft skills and have experts like Susan put it together for us to better use these skills and serve our world. 


This is power for me.