Article on Davos (#wef) perpetuates myth of (no) women in O &G

Discussion created by rebecca.ponton Champion on Jan 21, 2016
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I received the link to this article through Google Alerts yesterday.  It is from Reuters, which means it went out on the wire service to many other media outlets (and it has, as I also received the link again today from Google Alerts to the same article on Hart Energy E & P).


I don't know why any journalist would make a blanket statement, such as "Among oil companies there are no women at CEO level . . . "  As someone who covers energy, he should be aware that there are - and he should know who they are!  If he doesn't, it is easy enough to Google.


Oil industry turns to women in hour of need| Reuters


I sent this journalist a message yesterday through Twitter, but haven't gotten a response.  I also tried to find his e-mail through Reuters, but they don't list contact info on the site.  I will check with a former Reuters journalist friend.  A correction should be printed - complete with names!  I am sure it would come as a surprise to women who are CEOs in the industry that they don't exist.


As I state in the Preface of my book, one of the impetuses for writing it was reading an article where a male CEO of an E & P company in Texas commented that he couldn't name a female CEO of an oil and gas company. 


This further makes the case for the second book in the series being on women CEOs in the industry.