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What steps should you be taking to prepare for workforce success as we enter the lower for longer oil & gas price environment?

Question asked by sara.marchionda on Feb 2, 2016

What should we be doing in light of this lower for longer environment?


Interested to get thoughts and ideas on this! At our Spring Summit, Weathering the Storm: Preparing for the Future, coming up on April 6, this is one of the questions that warrants a deep dive.


Joeseph Triepke, Managing Director at Oilpro will be joining us for an oil & gas economic outlook, discussing workforce and regional trends. He's entitled his session "Steering into the Storm" and will show us how turning and facing the weather is the best way to survive.


We asked him to give us a few talking points / a preview of what he will discuss...


  • A proverbial 100-year storm has disrupted positive trend lines the O&G industry once took for granted.
  • Understanding the storm’s characteristics and path is essential for survival.
  • High level realities of the new O&G paradigm will be explored, with a focus on key upstream markets.
  • A framework will be provided for thinking about what comes next and interpreting future news flow.
  • Global O&G workforce trends will be explored via unique historical context.


"Let’s face this downturn head on armed with analytical understanding if we are to survive the waves." - Joseph Triepke