Peter Thiel Start-Up Lessons

Discussion created by paula.waggoner Advocate on Feb 3, 2016

I highly recommend Peter Thiel's book Zero to One Notes on Startups and How to Build the Future.




Its inspiring, has great lessons learned, spends time on ideation, and really does a great job.  I started reading the book but struggled with focus (no surprise...I struggle to focus for long periods) - the audio was much better for some reason.  Its at the local library too.


One of my requirements for start-up type books - I want to hear from people who have really lived it and been successful.  Peter Thiel started and sold Paypal to ebay.  He was part of the gang they call the Paypal mafia.  He has done several more things since then.


I appreciated his comments on raising capital and investors.  They are candid and quite consistent with philosophies of investors I know.