How a pink cocktail saved my International Women's Day

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The scene: International Women Day 2016, the W hotel central London (UK, developed country), IWD event to showcase women and their achievements.

I was having a nice pink cocktail chatting with one wonderful women who had founded her fitness and health company, when she suddenly broke my heart: she told me I was too pretty to work on the oil rigs. I had heard that non-sense comments from men numerous times and have mastered the ice-cold look (or the pretty smile - bambi eyes if the
guy was good looking), but I was speechless when it came from her.

I asked if she realized what she had just said at an IWD event, ironically. Then I politely left. Or maybe not politely, it is
subjective, and I am a non-PC French in the UK. Thank god there were free flowing pink cocktails to cheer me up.

The day after, I told the story to a male colleague, who said he would discourage his daughter to work in the O&G industry as it is a man's world. ??!! Sadly there were no cocktail to smooth things out. But hey, it was not IWD anymore, so I guess he was allowed to say such things.

How sad is it, that women, fathers and mothers have this restrictive attitude and shutting doors to their friends and daughters?!  Influence from parents start so early and is so strong...

What jobs are pretty women and girls allowed to do? Try The Voice? Pole dancing? Find a rich man and settle?


I still think it is the best industry to work for!