Call Me! The Lost Art of Picking Up The Phone.

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Call Me! The Lost Art of Picking Up The Phone. - Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent

Let's not lose the art of communication.  Let's amaze someone.  Let's remember the human in HR.


Another awesome article from Kathy Rapp with hrQ!
Here's a snippet of my favorite part:
12 times picking up the phone as a HR pro should be your go-to response
  • You are 3 paragraphs into a response to a CYA email
  • Your hiring manager can’t text on his flip phone
  • Your employee screwed up “fill in the blank”
  • You are reading an email thread that could end up in a lawsuit
  • You have to cut a candidate loose
  • You need to get someone to your office to fire them
  • You need an immediate response
  • You want to apologize
  • You’d feel better if someone called you in this situation
  • You take customer service seriously
  • You want to surprise someone—in a good way
  • You just need someone to listen to you for a change
Do you think picking up the phone is becoming a lost art?


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