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Do you like personal recognition?

Question asked by arthune Advocate on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by heather.gillbanks1

As with most natural resource companies we celebrate safety milestones.  On our employee's anniversary dates if they haven't had a safety incident they are given $100 and on anniversary's of 5, 10 and so forth a little extra.   The recognition for some employees is very valuable and they like having that moment to be acknowledged.  I myself on the other hand do not like public displays of acknowledgement and actually did not attend the meeting as not to have to walk up in front of the crowd to accept the bonus.  While I am very comfortable in presenting in front of groups, being on panels and such, when it comes to personal recognition it makes me very uncomfortable.   I am wondering how many people feel the same way?  How does a company balance the employees that like the recognition vs those that do not?