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OTC Conference

Question asked by on May 5, 2016
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For those of you at the OTC Conference this week ( Katie Mehnert, Kimberly Wilson), I am curious to know if any of the speakers are discussing in detail the longterm impact the downturn may have with regard to Offshore Wells. Specifically, I am interested in finding accurate data regarding how many projects were either shelved or shut in due to low oil prices and the turn around time to get these projects online again.  I am also be interested in understanding whether or not there is a risk of current producing Offshore Wells production levels dropping due to a lack of reinvestment money being available or deferred maintenance issues.


The Media writes articles as if oil companies are just sitting around waiting for prices to rise and then they will flip a switch and automatically be able to fulfill any excess demand, but I know that the exploration and production process is much more complex than that and that there must be some kind of impact to long term prospects.  If anyone has read any great articles with good data on this topic (both onshore and offshore), please pass them along.


If they are not talking about this, what are the big points being discussed?