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What I learned from Weight Watchers

Discussion created by Michelle Peavy on May 6, 2016
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Its interesting how most of us,  especially women who bend over backwards to help others get what they want and by the end of the day we are depleted, tired, exhausted only to find ourselves with more to do on our list.  For me, I tend to get resentful when I am filling and over filling and over doing and over trying to feed people what they need, and then forget to feed myself. No wonder I am irritated and struggling on how I will get my needs met.


I joined Weight Watchers to get me in a place of accountability, and to find my healthier self and to get back in control of ME.  What I am learning is that I need to speak up and ASK for what I need otherwise my needs are not going to get met and I am not going to get what I want.


I wanted to share a couple of great ways I have learned to ASK for support from my community, friends, family and let them know what I am up to and what I need from them to get what I want. If we could just use these examples in all areas of our life, we sure we get closer to what we want. Maybe this will help someone out there as a reminder how powerful you are when you speak up for yourself.


Start with these five words at the beginning of a sentence and fill in the blank when Asking for support

Here is what I need


-Cheer my healthy eating efforts/choices

-Keep the bad foods out of sight

-Text images of healthy recipes

-Offer other than food as a celebration

-Go to restaurants with healthy options

-Go for a walk

-Invite me to a class at the gym

-Think of ways to have fun without foods

-Give thumbs up for good food choices

-Remind me to take a break

-Call and ASK how its going